Dynasty 2017 stažení


Season / Série 2

1.Twenty-Three SkidooZde
2.Ship of VipersZde
3.The Butler Did ItZde
4.Snowflakes in HellZde
5.Queen of CupsZde
6.That WitchZde
7.A Temporary InfestationZde
8.A Real Instinct for the JugularZde

Season / Série 1

1.I Hardly Recognized YouZde
2.Spit It OutZde
3.Guilt Is For Insecure PeopleZde
4.Private As A CircusZde
5.Company SlutZde
6.I Exist Only for MeZde
7.A Taste of Your Own MedicineZde
8.The Best Things In LifeZde
9.Rotten ThingsZde
10.A Well-Dressed TarantulaZde
11.I Answer to No ManZde
12.Promises You Can't KeepZde
13.Nothing but TroubleZde
14.The Gospel According to Blake CarringtonZde
15.Our Turn NowZde
16.Poor Little Rich GirlZde
17.Enter AlexisZde
18.Don't Con A Con ArtistZde
19.Use or Be UsedZde
20.A Line from the PastZde
21.Trashy Little TrampZde
22.Dead ScratchZde