Americký táta / American Dad stažení


Season / Série 19

1.Fellow TravelerZde
2.The Professor and the CoachZde
3.Viced PrincipalZde
4.The Pleasanting at Smith HouseZde
5.Stretched ThinZde
6.Better on PaperZde
7.Cow I Met Your Moo-therZde
8.Stan Fixes a ShingleZde
9.Saving FaceZde
10.Frantastic VoyageZde
11.A Little MysteryZde
12.Don't You Be My NeighborZde
13.Productive PanicZde
14.Multiverse of American DadnessZde
16A New Era for the Smith HouseZde
17Between a Ring and a HardassZde
19Steve, Snot, and the Quest for the Og Four Loko
20The Pink Sphinx Holds Her Hearts on the Turn
21A Little Extra Scratch
22Into the Jingleverse

Season / Série 1

2.Threat LevelsZde
3.Stan Knows BestZde
4.Francine's FlashbackZde
5.Roger CodgerZde
6.Homeland InsecurityZde
7.Deacon Stan, Jesus ManZde
8.Bullocks to StanZde
9.A Smith in the HandZde
10.All About SteveZde
11.Con HeirZde
12.Stan of Arabia (1)Zde
13.Stan of Arabia (2)Zde
14.Stannie Get Your GunZde
15.Star TrekZde
16.Not Particularly Desperate HousewivesZde
17.Rough TradeZde
18.Finances With WolvesZde
19.It's Good to be QueenZde
20.Roger 'n MeZde
21.Helping HandisZde
22.With Friends Like Steve'sZde
23.Tears of a ClooneyZde

Season / Série 2

1.Camp RefoogeeZde
2.The American Dad After School SpecialZde
3.Failure is Not a Factory-installed OptionZde
4.Lincoln LoverZde
5.Dungeons and WagonsZde
6.Iced, Iced BabiesZde
7.Of Ice and MenZde
8.Irregarding SteveZde
9.The Best Christmas Story Never ToldZde
10.Bush Comes to DinnerZde
11.The American Dream FactoryZde
12.A.T. The Abusive TerrestrialZde
13.Black Mystery MonthZde
14.An Apocalypse to RememberZde
15.Four Little WordsZde
16.When a Stan Loves a WomanZde
17.I Can't Stan YouZde
18.The Magnificent StevenZde
19.Joint CustodyZde

Season / Série 3

1.The Vacation GooZde
2.Meter MadeZde
3.Dope and FaithZde
4.Big Trouble in Little LangleyZde
6.42-Year-Old VirginZde
8.The Most Adequate Christmas EverZde
9.Frannie 911Zde
11.Oedipal PantiesZde
13.Red October SkyZde
14.Office SpacemanZde
15.Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's GoldZde
16.Spring Break-UpZde

Season / Série 4

1.1600 CandlesZde
2.The One That Got AwayZde
3.One Little WordZde
4.Choosy Wives Choose SmithZde
5.Escape from Pearl BaileyZde
6.Pulling Double BootyZde
7.Phantom of the TelethonZde
9.Stan TimeZde
10.Family AffairZde
11.Live and Let FryZde
12.Roy Rogers McFreelyZde
13.Jack's BackZde
14.Bar Mitzvah ShuffleZde
15.Wife InsuranceZde
16.Delorean Story-AnZde
17.Every Which Way But LoseZde
18.Weiner of Our DiscontentZde
19.Daddy QueerestZde
20.Stan's Night OutZde

Season / Série 5

1.In Country...ClubZde
2.Moon Over Isla IslandZde
3.Home AdroneZde
4.Brains, Brains, and AutomobilesZde
5.Man in the MoonbounceZde
6.Shallow VowsZde
7.My Morning StraitjacketZde
8.G-String CircusZde
9.Rapture's DelightZde
10.Don't Look a Smith Horse in the MouthZde
11.A Jones for a SmithZde
12.May the Best Stan WinZde
13.Return of the BlingZde
14.Cops & RogerZde
15.Merlot Down Dirty ShameZde
16.Bully for SteveZde
17.An Incident at Owl CreekZde
18.Great Space RoasterZde

Season / Série 6

1.100 A.D. (1)Zde
2.Son of Stan (2)Zde
3.Best Little Horror House in Langley FallsZde
4.Stan's Food RestaurantZde
5.White RiceZde
6.There Will Be Bad BloodZde
7.The People vs. Martin SugarZde
8.For Whom the Sleigh Bell TollsZde
9.Fartbreak HotelZde
10.Stanny Boy and FrantasticZde
11.A Piñata Named DesireZde
12.You Debt Your LifeZde
13.I Am the WalrusZde
14.School LiesZde
15.License to TillZde
16.Jenny FromdablocZde
17.Home WreckerZde
18.Flirting with DisasterZde
19.Gorillas in the MistZde

Season / Série 7

1.Hot WaterZde
2.Hurricane! (3)Zde
3.A Ward ShowZde
4.The Worst StanZde
5.Virtual In-StanityZde
6.The Scarlett GetterZde
7.Season's BeatingsZde
8.The Unbrave OneZde
9.Stanny TendergrassZde
10.Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's KeyZde
11.Old Stan in the MountainZde
12.The WrestlerZde
13.Dr. KlaustusZde
14.Stan's Best FriendZde
15.Less Money, Mo' ProblemsZde
16.The Kidney Stays In The PictureZde
17.Ricky SpanishZde
18.Toy WhoreyZde

Season / Série 8

1.Love, American Dad StyleZde
2.Killer VacationZde
3.Can I Be Frank With You?Zde
4.American StepdadZde
5.Why Can't We Be Friends?Zde
6.Adventures in HayleysittingZde
7.National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole StoryZde
8.Finger Lenting GoodZde
9.The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy JabariZde
10.Blood Crieth Unto HeavenZde
11.Max JetsZde
12.Naked to the Limit, One More TimeZde
13.For Black Eyes OnlyZde
14.Spelling Bee My BabyZde
15.The Missing KinkZde
16.The Boring IdentityZde
17.The Full Cognitive Redaction of Avery Bullock by the Coward Stan SmithZde
18.Lost in SpaceZde
19.Da Flippity FlopZde

Season / Série 9

1.Steve and Snot's Test-Tubular AdventureZde
3.Buck, WildZde
5.Kung Pao TurkeyZde
6.Independent MovieZde
7.Faking BadZde
8.Minstrel KrampusZde
9.Vision: ImpossibleZde
11.Cock of the SleepwalkZde
12.Introducing the Naughty StewardessesZde
13.I Ain't No Holodeck BoyZde
14.Stan Goes on the PillZde
15.Honey, I'm HomelandZde
16.She Swill SurviveZde
18.Permanent Record WreckerZde
19.News Glances With Genevieve VavanceZde
20.The Longest Distance RelationshipZde

Season / Série 10

1.Roger Passes the BarZde
2.A Boy Named MichaeZde
3.Blagsnarst, A Love StoryZde

Season / Série 11

1.Blonde AmbitionZde
3.Scents and Sensei-bilityZde
4.Big Stan on CampusZde
5.Now and GwenZde
6.Dreaming of a White Porsche ChristmasZde
8.Morning MimosaZde
9.My Affair LadyZde
10.A Star Is RebornZde
11.Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery TourZde
12.The ShrinkZde
13.Holy Shit, Jeff's Back!Zde
14.American FungZde
15.Seizures Suit StannyZde

Season / Série 12

2.The Life Aquatic with Steve SmithZde
3.Hayley Smith, Seal Team SixZde
4.N.S.A. (No Snoops Allowed)Zde
5.Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point BreakersZde
6.Kiss Kiss, Cam CamZde
7.The Devil Wears a Lapel PinZde
8.Stan-Dan DeliverZde
10.The Two HundredZde
11.The UnincludedsZde
12.The Dentist's WifeZde
13.Widow's PiqueZde
14.The Nova Centauris-burgh Board of Tourism Presents: American DadZde
15.Daesong Heavy IndustriesZde
16.Daesong Heavy Industries II: Return to InnocenceZde
17.Criss-Cross Applesauce: The Ballad of Billy JesusworthZde
18.Mine StruggleZde
19.Garfield and FriendsZde
20.Gift Me LibertyZde
21.Next of PinZde
22.Standard DeviationZde

Season / Série 13

1.Father's DazeZde
2.Fight and FlightZde
3.The Enlightenment of Ragi-BabaZde
4.Portrait of Francine's GenitalsZde
5.Bahama MamaZde
6.Roger's BabyZde
7.Ninety North, Zero WestZde
8.A Whole Slotta LoveZde
9.The Witches of LangleyZde
10.A Nice Night for a DriveZde
11.Casino NormaleZde
12.Bazooka SteveZde
13.Camp CampawandaZde
14.Julia RogertsZde
15.The Life and Times of Stan SmithZde
16.The Bitchin' RaceZde
17.Family PlanZde
18.The Long BombZde
20.Garbage StanZde
21.The Talented Mr. DingleberryZde
22.West to Mexico

Season / Série 14

1.Santa, SchmantaZde
2.Paranoid FrandroidZde
3.The Census of the LambsZde
4.Shell GameZde
5.The Mural of the StoryZde
6.(You Gotta) Strike for Your RightZde
8.Death by Dinner PartyZde
9.The Never-Ending StoriesZde
11.My Purity Ball and ChainZde
12.Oretron TrailZde
13.Mean FrancineZde
14.One-Woman SwoleZde
16.Persona AssistantZde
17.The Legend Of Old UlyssesZde
19.Top Of The SteveZde
20.Funnyish GamesZde
22.The Future Is BoraxZde

Season / Série 15

1.Fantasy BaseballZde
2.I am the Jeans: The Gina Lavetti StoryZde
3.Stan & Francine & Connie & TedZde
4.Rabbit EarsZde
5.Jeff And The Dank Ass Weed FactoryZde
6.Lost BoysZde
8.The Long MarchZde
9.The Hall Monitor And The Lunch LadyZde
10.Wild Women DoZde
11.An Irish GoodbyeZde
12.Stompe Le MondeZde
13.Mom SauceZde
14.Hamerican Dad!Zde
15.Demolition DaddyZde
16.Pride Before the FailZde
17.Enter StanmanZde
18.No Weddings and a FuneralZde
19.Eight FiresZde
20.The Hand that Rocks the RoguZde

Season / Série 16

1.100 Years a Solid FoolZde
3.Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's StoryZde
4.A Starboy Is BornZde
5.Tapped OutZde
6.Brave Noob WorldZde
7.Into The WoodsZde
8.Roger Needs DickZde
9.Exquisite CorpsesZde
10.Trophy Wife, Trophy LifeZde
11.Game NightZde
12.American Data?Zde
13.Salute Your SllortZde
14.Ghost DadZde
15.Men II BoyzZde
16.First, Do No FarmZde
17.Roger Needs DickZde
18. The Old CountryZde
19.Businessly BrunetteZde
20.The Chilly ThrilliesZde
21.Dammmm, Stan!Zde
22.The Last Ride of the Dodge City RamblerZde
24.Yule. Tide. Repeat.Zde

Season / Série 17

1.Who Smarted?Zde
2.Russian DollZde
3.Stan Moves to ChicagoZde
4.Shakedown SteveZde
5.Klaus And Rogu In Thank God For Loose Rocks: An American Dad! AdventureZde
6.The WondercabinetZde
7.Little Bonnie RamirezZde
8.Dancin' A-with My CellZde
9.Mused and AbusedZde
11.Hot ScoompZde
12.Plot HeavyZde
13.Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & RadikaZde
14.Flush After ReadingZde
15.Comb Over: A Hair PieceZde
16Plot HeavyZde
17.The Sinister Fate!!Zde
18.Dr. Sunderson's SunSuckersZde
19.Family TimeZde
20.Cry BabyZde
21.Crystal ClearZde
22.Halloween SpecialZde

Season / Série 18

1.Langley Dollar ListingsZde
2.Dressed Down<