Arslan Senki stažení


Season / Série 1

1.The Glory of EcbatanaZde
2.Age Fourteen, Maiden BattleZde
3.The Knight in BlackZde
4.The World-Weary StrategistZde
5.The Royal Capital Burns, Part OneZde
6.The Royal Capital Burns, Part TwoZde
7.The Beauties and the BeastsZde
8.The Treasonus HeroZde
9.Beneath the MaskZde
10.The Lord and Master of Kashan FortressZde
11.The Road to PeshawarZde
12.A Knight's LoyaltyZde
13.Two PrincesZde
14.The Foreign PrinceZde
15.The Black Leopard of ShindraZde
16.Elegy for the Setting SunZde
17.The Duel Before the GodsZde
18.Once Again Across the RiverZde
19.The End of the WinterZde
20.The True Face of a KnightZde
21.A Song of FarewellZde
22.The Night Before the AttackZde
23.The Battle for the Keep of Saint EmmanuelZde
24.The Decisive BattleZde
25.The Highway of Blood and SweatZde

Season / Série 2

1.The Tūrānian Army InvadesZde
2.The Monarch Versus the ConquerorZde
3.Journey Horse, Sad and SolitaryZde
4.A City of Land and a City of WaterZde
5.Parting of WaysZde
6.Calamity of KingsZde
7.The Rainbow CityZde
8.Dust Storm DanceZde