Bakugan Battle Planet stažení


Season / Série 2

1.The Mysterious BoyZde
2.A New PowerZde
4.Bakugan Rock!Zde
5.Brawler HeadhuntingZde
6.Lightning's Entrance ExamZde
7.Trouble Busters!Zde
8.French Fry WarsZde
9.The Phantom Thief Comes to CallZde
10.Phantom Thief AjitZde
11.The Lady and the QueenZde
12.The AB's Silver Screen DebutZde
13.Nice to Meet You, Bakugan!Zde
15.The Bakugan Battle LeagueZde
16.The Ancient ElderZde
17.Bakugan WyntonZde
18.The Boy from BrazilZde
19.Haunted HouseZde
20.Two of a KindZde
21.Magnus P.I., Part 1Zde
22.Magnus P.I., Part 2Zde
23.Awesome Brawlers Training Camp, Part 1Zde
24.Awesome Brawlers Training Camp, Part 2Zde
25.The Bakugan Battle League BeginsZde
26.Riot vs. AjitZde
27.Kung Fu MasterZde
28.A Battle of PopularityZde
29.The Mysterious RevengerZde
30.Wynton vs. LiaZde
31.The Best FriendZde
32.Thief and BrawlerZde
33.Final Battle! Dan vs. AjitZde
34.Secrets ExposedZde
35.The DirectorZde
36.Queen EbonyZde
37.Here Comes HaavikZde
38.The Fusion Bakugan ArriveZde
39.Sophie, the BakuganistZde
40.Midnight Train Battle!Zde
41.Dangerous DealingsZde
42.The Hunter ReturnsZde
43.Farewell, Phantom Thief, Part 1Zde
44.Farewell, Phantom Thief, Part 2Zde
45.The Awesome Brawlers and HaavikZde
46.First Fusion! Drago and TretorousZde
47.The Puppet Awesome BrawlersZde
48.The Return of SophieZde
49.Wynton's Reality ShowZde
50.Bakugan SoccerZde
51.Shun and LightningZde
52.Premonition of A StormZde
53.Superstar DanZde
54.Awesome Brawlers on VacationZde
55.Bakugan Battle League, Tokyo EditionZde
56.Battle RoyalZde
57.The Second Stage BeginsZde
58.Mechanoids Attack!Zde
59.The Other Fight, Part 1Zde
60.The Other Fight, Part 2Zde
61.The Bakugan Battle League DashZde
62.The Final StageZde
63.The Tokyo CatastropheZde
64.Bakugan Battle League FinaleZde
65.Champion of the Universe, Dan!Zde
66.Operation BabysitterZde
67.Beastie Team BattleZde
68.Ajit and LiaZde
69.Once More into the MazeZde
70.Grandpas in the WildZde
71.The Past RevealedZde
72.Run! A Storm's on the WayZde
73.Golden Bakugan EncounterZde
74.Ties of GoldZde
76.Bad DanZde
77.Dusk Industries Under AttackZde
78.Taking Dan BackZde
79.Who's the Fake?!Zde
80.Trouble Busters! 2Zde
81.Bakugan Battle CircusZde
82.Ebony ManorZde
83.Everett's TrapZde
84.Kazami Vs. Mc QZde
85.The Awesome Burger BrawlZde
86.Master and ApprenticeZde
87.Bakugan UproarZde
88.The Fusion Bakugan SabrusZde

Season / Série 1

1.Origin of the Species Part 1; Origin of the Species Part 2Zde
2.Burger Run; Monkey See, Monkey Don'tZde
3.Bully for You; Trolling for LaughsZde
4.Local Heroes; PegatrixZde
5.Frenemies; Strata's FearZde
6.Dog Daze; In FocusZde
7.The Exit; The Lost and the CostZde
8.Mr. Moon; What's Wrong with Dan?Zde
9.Rubbed the Wrong Way; Babysitting BedlamZde
10.Mask of Power; Story HolesZde
11.Home on the Run; Top SlotZde
12.Father and Friends; Midsummer NightmareZde
13.Dawn Before Dusk Part 1; Dawn Before Dusk Part 2Zde
14.Stratified; Maze DazeZde
15.All Jungled Up; Outer DemonsZde
16.Matter of the Mind; Core CellZde
17.Subterranean Homesick Blues; Honey StruckZde
18.Shun Shine; Ronin SonZde
19.Framing Device; Bad ActorsZde
20.Tripped Up; Power TrippZde
21.A Real Steal; Lightning UnleashedZde
22.The Throw Down; Brawl for It AllZde
23.Career Opportunities; Punch the ClockZde
24.High Flying Hostiles ; Backfire BrawlZde
25.Hostile Take Over ; The Big BounceZde
26.Awesome vs AAAnimusZde
27.The Forbidden Isle; New World OrdersZde
28.In the Wild; Call Me Old BrakkenZde
29.Hide Matrix and Seek; Or Forever Hold Your PeaceZde
30.Two Sides of the Coin; The Race for GoldZde
31.Seek and Hide; Family FirstZde
32.A Door Closes, A Door Opens; Kazami's GambitZde
33.A Devil on Your Shoulder; Vestral VisionsZde
34.Bakuzoned!; The Golden SecretZde
35.The Bakugan Breakers; The Awful OnesZde
36.The Mask of Pride; The Graveyard of CourageZde
38.Too Much; Who Are You?Zde
39.Happy; One Way or AnotherZde
40.Stormy Weather; Who Can It Be Now?Zde
41.In My Room; An Army of Their OwnZde
42.Calling All Parents; Nowhere to TurnZde
43.Girl Power; Return to the FoldZde
44.Kazami Family Feud; Greatest of the KazamiZde
45.Our Ugly Selves; Trhyno LivesZde
46.The Healing Challenge; The Golden DromeZde
47.The Golden Forge; A Deep HibernationZde
48.At the Beginning, an Ending; This Late HourZde
49.Bakuzon at the Gates Part 1 & Part 2Zde
50.Planet-Ception; United We StandZde