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Season / Série 1

1.Episode 01Zde
2.Episode 02Zde
3.Episode 03Zde
4.Episode 04Zde
5.Episode 05Zde
6.Episode 06Zde
7.Episode 07Zde
8.Episode 08Zde
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10.Episode 10Zde
11.Episode 11Zde
12.Episode 12Zde
13.Episode 13Zde
14.Episode 14Zde
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16.Episode 16Zde
17.Episode 17Zde
18.Episode 18Zde
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24.Episode 24Zde
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50.Episode 50Zde
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60.Episode 60Zde
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71.Episode 71Zde
72.Episode 72Zde
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75.Episode 75Zde
76.Episode 76Zde
77.Episode 77Zde
78.Episode 78Zde
79.Episode 79Zde
80.Episode 80Zde
81.Episode 81Zde
82.Episode 82Zde
83.Episode 83Zde
84.Episode 84Zde
85.Episode 85Zde
86.Episode 86Zde
87.Episode 87Zde
88.Episode 88Zde
89.Episode 89Zde
90.Episode 90Zde
91.Episode 91Zde
92.Episode 92Zde
93.Episode 93Zde
94.Episode 94Zde
95.Episode 95Zde
96.Episode 96Zde
97.Episode 97Zde
98.Episode 98Zde
99.Episode 99Zde
100.Episode 100Zde
101.Episode 101Zde
102.Episode 102Zde
103.Episode 103Zde
104.Episode 104Zde
105.Episode 105Zde
106.Episode 106Zde
107.Episode 107Zde
108.Episode 108Zde
109.Episode 109Zde
110.Episode 110Zde
111.Episode 111Zde
112.Episode 112Zde
113.Episode 113Zde
114.Episode 114Zde
115.Episode 115Zde
116.Episode 116Zde
117.Episode 117Zde
118.Episode 118Zde
119.Episode 119Zde
120.Episode 120Zde
121.Episode 121Zde
122.Episode 122Zde
123.Episode 123Zde
124.Episode 124Zde
125.Episode 125Zde
132.The Lion AwakensZde
133The Lion Awakens, ContinuedZde
134Those Who Have Been GatheredZde
135The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, and SoulZde
136A Black Deep-Sea StoryZde
137Episode 137Zde
138In Zara's FootstepsZde
139A Witch's HomecomingZde
140Episode 140Zde
141The Golden FamilyZde
142Those RemainingZde
143The Tilted ScaleZde
144Those Who Wish to Destroy DevilsZde
145Recapture Zde
146Episode 146Zde
147Death Zde
148Becoming the Light That Shines Through the DarknessZde
149Two Things to Look forZde
150Challenge of MaidensZde
151Clash! The Battle of the Magic Knights Squad Captains!Zde
152To Tomorrow!Zde
153The Chosen OnesZde
154Vice-Captain Langris VaudeZde
155The 5 Spirit GuardiansZde
156Awakening PowerZde
157Five-Leaf CloverZde
158The Beginning of Hope and DespairZde
159Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows
160The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom
161Zeno's Power