Bob Hearts Abishola stažení


Season / Série 2

1.On a Dead Guy's BenchZde
2.Paris Is for Lovers, Not MothersZde
3.Straight Outta LagosZde
4.Camp BananasZde
5.Sleeping Next to an Old BoatZde
7.The Wrong AdebamboZde
8.Honest Yak PricesZde
9.Tunde The Boy KingZde
10.The Cheerleader LeaderZde
11.I Did Not Raise Him to be a TeenagerZde
12.We Don't Rat On FamilyZde
13.A Big African BassoonZde
14.A Tough Old BirdZde
15.TLC: Tunde's Loving CareZde
16.Sights And BitesZde
17.The Devil's Taste BudsZde
18.God Accepts VenmoZde

Season / Série 1

2.Nigerians Don't Do Useless ThingsZde
3.A Bird May Love A FishZde
4.Square Hamburger, Round BunsZde
5.Whacking the MoleZde
6.Ralph Lauren and FishZde
7.Tough Like a Laundromat Washing MachineZde
8.Useless PotheadsZde
9.We Were Beggars, Now We Are ChoosersZde
10.Ice Cream for BreakfastZde
11.Splitting the HairsZde
12.There's My NigeriansZde
13.The Canadians of AfricaZde
14.Full-Frontal DottieZde
15.Black IceZde
16.Where's Your Other Wives, Tunde?Zde
17.A Big, White ThumbZde
18.Sock WifeZde
19.Angry, Happy, Same FaceZde
20.Randy's a WranglerZde