Charmed 2018 stažení


Season / Série 2

1.Safe SpaceZde
2.Things to Do in Seattle When You’re DeadZde
3.Careful What You Witch ForZde
4.Deconstructing HarryZde
5.The Truth about Kat and DogsZde
6.When Sparks FlyZde
7.Past is PresentZde
8.The Rules of EngagementZde
9.Guess Who’s Coming to SafeSpace SeattleZde
10.Curse WordsZde
11.Dance Like No One is WitchingZde
12.Needs to KnowZde
13.Breaking the CycleZde
14.Sudden DeathZde
15.Third Time’s The CharmZde
16.Diplomatic RelationsZde
17.Search PartyZde
18.Don't Look Back in AngerZde
19.Unsafe SpaceZde

Season / Série 1

2.Let this Mother OutZde
3.Sweet ToothZde
4.Exorcise Your DemonsZde
5,Other WomenZde
6.Kappa SpiritZde
7.Out of ScytheZde
8.Bug A BooZde
9.Jingle HellZde
10.Keep Calm And Harry OnZde
11.Witch PerfectZde
12.You’re Dead To MeZde
13.Manic Pixie NightmareZde
14.Touched By A DemonZde
15.Switches & StonesZde
16.Memento MoriZde
18.The ReplacementZde
19.Power of FourZde
21.Red RainZde
22.The Source AwakensZde