Chicago Fire stažení


Season / Série 11

1.Hold on TightZde
2.Every Scar Tells a StoryZde
3.Completely ShatteredZde
4.The Center of the UniverseZde
5.Haunted HouseZde
6.All-Out MysteryZde
7.Angry Is EasierZde
8.A Beautiful LifeZde

Season / Série 1

1.Pilot / Smrt kamarádaZde
2.Mon Amour / Láska neumíráZde
3.Professional Courtesy / Stavovská čestZde
4.One Minute / Poslední minutaZde
5.Hanging On / Drž seZde
6.Rear View Mirror / Je to za námiZde
7.Two Families / Dvě rodinyZde
8.Leaving the Station / Těžké rozhodnutíZde
9.It Ain't Easy / Život není férZde
10.Merry Christmas, Etc. / Veselé VánoceZde
11.God Has Spoken / Boží mlýnyZde
12.Under the Knife / OperaceZde
13.Warm and Dead / Smrt v plamenechZde
14.A Little Taste / Smrtící drogaZde
15.Nazdarovya! / PartneřiZde
16.Viral / SourozenciZde
17.Better to Lie / Milosrdná ležZde
18.Fireworks / HrdinaZde
19.A Coffin That Small / Na poslední cestuZde
20.Ambition / CtižádostZde
21.Retaliation Hit / Odvetný úderZde
22.Leaders Lead / Osamělost velitelůZde
23.Let Her Go / Nech ji jítZde
24.A Hell of a Ride Pořádná jízda /Zde

Season / Série 2

1.A Problem HouseZde
2.Prove ItZde
3.Defcon 1Zde
4.13 A Nuisance CallZde
5.A Power MoveZde
7.No RegretsZde
8.Rhymes with ShoutZde
9.You Will Hurt HimZde
10.Not Like ThisZde
11.Shoved in My FaceZde
12.Out with a BangZde
13.Tonight's the NightZde
14.Virgin SkinZde
15.Keep Your Mouth ShutZde
16.A Rocket Blasting OffZde
17.When Things Got RoughZde
18.Until Your Feet Leave the GroundZde
19.A Heavy WeightZde
20.A Dark DayZde
21.One More ShotZde
22.Real Never WaitsZde

Season / Série 3

2.Wow MeZde
3.Just Drive the TruckZde
4.Apologies Are DangerousZde
5.The Nuclear OptionZde
6.Madmen and FoolsZde
7.Nobody Touches AnythingZde
9.Arrest in TransitZde
10.Santa BitesZde
11.Let Him DieZde
12.Ambush PredatorZde
13.Three BellsZde
14.Call It ParadiseZde
15.Headlong Toward DisasterZde
16.Red Rag the BullZde
17.Forgive You AnythingZde
18.Forgiving, Relentless, UnconditionalZde
19.I Am the ApocalypseZde
20.You Know Where to Find MeZde
21.We Called Her JellybeanZde
22.Category 5Zde

Season / Série 4

1.Let It BurnZde
2.A Taste of Panama CityZde
3.I Walk AwayZde
4.Your Day Is ComingZde
5.Regarding This WeddingZde
7.Sharp ElbowsZde
8.When Tortoises FlyZde
9.Short and FatZde
10.The Beating HeartZde
11.The Path of DestructionZde
12.Not Everyone Makes ItZde
13.The Sky Is FallingZde
14.All Hard PartsZde
15.Bad for the SoulZde
16.Two T'sZde
17.What Happened to CourtneyZde
18.On the WarpathZde
19.I Will Be WalkingZde
20.The Last One for MomZde
21.Kind of a Crazy IdeaZde
22.Where the Collapse StartedZde

Season / Série 5

1.The Hose or the AnimalZde
2.A Real Wake-Up CallZde
3.Scorched EarthZde
4.Nobody Else Is Dying TodayZde
5.I Held Her HandZde
6.That DayZde
7.Lift Each OtherZde
8.One HundredZde
9.Some Make It, Some Don'tZde
10.The People We MeetZde
11.Who Lives and Who DiesZde
12.An Agent of the MachineZde
13.Trading In ScuttlebuttZde
16.Telling Her GoodbyeZde
17.Babies and FoolsZde
18.Take a KneeZde
19.Carry Their LegacyZde
20.Carry MeZde
21.Sixty DaysZde
22.My MiracleZde

Season / Série 6

1.It Wasn't EnoughZde
2.Ignite on ContactZde
3.An Even Bigger SurpriseZde
4.A Breaking PointZde
5.Devil's BargainZde
6.Down is BetterZde
7.A Man's LegacyZde
8.The Whole Point of Being RoommatesZde
9.Foul is FairZde
11.Law of the JungleZde
12.The F is ForZde
13.Hiding Not SeekingZde
14.Looking for a LifelineZde
15.The Chance to ForgiveZde
16.The One That Matters MostZde
17.Put White On MeZde
18When They See Us ComingZde
19.Where I Want To BeZde
20.The Strongest Among UsZde
21.The Unrivaled StandardZde
22.One for the AgesZde
23.The Grand GestureZde

Season / Série 7

1.A Closer EyeZde">Zde
2.Going To WarZde">Zde
3.Thirty Percent Sleight Of HandZde">Zde
4.Chicago Fire S07E04 "This Isn't Charity"Zde">Zde
5.A Volatile MixtureZde">Zde
6.All the ProofZde">Zde
7.What Will Define YouZde">Zde
8.The Solution To EverythingZde">Zde
9.Always A CatchZde">Zde
10.Inside These WallsZde">Zde
11.You ChooseZde">Zde
12.Make This RightZde">Zde
13.The PlungeZde">Zde
14.It Wasn't About HockeyZde">Zde
15.What I SawZde">Zde
16.Fault In HimZde">Zde
17.Move a WallZde">Zde
18.No Such Thing As Bad LuckZde">Zde
19.Until The Weather BreaksZde">Zde
20.Try Like HellZde">Zde
21.The White WhaleZde">Zde

Season / Série 8

1.Sacred GroundZde
2.A Real Shot in the ArmZde
4.Infection, Part IZde
5.Buckle UpZde
6.What Went WrongZde
7.Welcome to CrazytownZde
8.Seeing Is BelievingZde
9.Best Friend MagicZde
10.Hold Our GroundZde
11.Where We End UpZde
12.Then Nick Porter HappenedZde
13.A Chicago WelcomeZde
14.Shut It DownZde
15.Off the GridZde
16.The Tendency of a Drowning VictimZde
17.Protect a Child
18.I'll Cover YouZde
19.Light Things UpZde
20.51's Original BellZde

Season / Série 9

1.Rattle Second CityZde
2.That Kind of HeatZde
3.Smash TherapyZde
4.Funny What Things Remind UsZde
5.My Lucky DayZde
6.Blow This Up SomehowZde
7.Dead of WinterZde
8.Escape RouteZde
9.Double RedZde
10.One Crazy ShiftZde
11.A Couple Hundred DegreesZde
12.Natural Born FirefighterZde
13.Don't Hang UpZde
14.What Comes NextZde
15.A White-Knuckle PanicZde
16.No SurvivorsZde

Season / Série 10

2.Head CountZde
3.Counting Your BreathsZde
4.The Right ThingZde
5. Two HundredZde
6.Dead ZoneZde
7.Whom Shall I Fear?Zde
8.What Happened at Whiskey Point?Zde
10.Back With a BangZde
11.Fog of WarZde
12.Show of ForceZde
13.Fire CopZde
14.An Officer With GritZde
15.The Missing PieceZde
16.Hot and FastZde
17.Keep You SafeZde
18.What's Inside YouZde
19.Finish What You StartedZde
20.Halfway to the MoonZde
21.Last ChanceZde
22.The Magnificent City of ChicagoZde