Chůva k pohledání / The Nanny stažení


Season / Série 1

2.Smoke Gets in Your LiesZde
3.My Fair NannyZde
4.The NuchslepZde
5.Here Comes the BroodZde
6.The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her MotherZde
7.Imaginary FriendZde
8.Christmas EpisodeZde
9.Personal BusinessZde
10.The Nanny-in-LawZde
11.A Plot for NannyZde
12.The Show Must Go OnZde
13.Maggie the ModelZde
14.The Family PlumbingZde
15.Deep ThroatZde
16.Schlepped AwayZde
17.Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get OffZde
18.Sunday in the Park with FranZde
19.The Gym TeacherZde
20.Ode to Barbra JoanZde
21.Frannie's ChoiceZde
22.I Don't Remember MamaZde

Season / Série 2

2.The PlaywrightZde
3.Everybody Needs a BubbyZde
4.Material FranZde
5.Curse of the GrandmasZde
6.The Nanny NapperZde
7.A Star is UnbornZde
8.Pinske BusinessZde
9.Stock TipZde
10.The Whine CellarZde
11.When You Pish upon a StarZde
12.Take Back Your MinkZde
13.The StrikeZde
14.I've Got a SecretZde
15.Kindervelt DaysZde
16.Canasta MastaZde
17.The WillZde
18.The Nanny Behind the ManZde
19.A Fine FriendshipZde
20.Lamb Chop's on the MenuZde
21.Close ShaveZde
22.What the Butler SangZde
23.A Kiss Is Just a KissZde
24.Strange BedfellowsZde
25.The ChatterboxZde
26.Fran Gets MuggedZde

Season / Série 3

1.Pen PalZde
2.Franny and the ProfessorZde
3.Dope DiamondZde
4.A Fine Family FeudZde
5.Val's ApartmentZde
7.Oy Vey, You're GayZde
8.The Party's OverZde
9.The Two Mrs. SheffieldsZde
10.Having His BabyZde
11.The Unkindest GiftZde
12.The KibbutzZde
13.An Offer She Can't RefuseZde
14.Oy to the World [animated]Zde
15.Fashion ShowZde
16.Where's Fran?Zde
17.The GrandmasZde
18.Val's BoyfriendZde
19.Love is a Many Blundered ThingZde
20.Your Feets Too BigZde
21.Where's the Pearls?Zde
22.The Hockey ShowZde
23.That's MidlifeZde
24.The Cantor ShowZde
25.Green CardZde
26.Ship of Fran'sZde
27.A Pup in Paris (1)Zde

Season / Série 4

1.The Tart with Heart (2)Zde
2.The Cradle RobbersZde
3.The Bird's NestZde
4.The Rosie ShowZde
5.Freida Needa ManZde
6.Me and Mrs. JoanZde
7.The Taxman ComethZde
8.An Affair to DismemberZde
10.The Car ShowZde
11.Hurricane FranZde
12.Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will?Zde
13.Kissing CousinsZde
14.The Fifth WheelZde
15.The Nose KnowsZde
16.The Bank RobberyZde
17.Samson, He Denied HerZde
18.The Facts of LiceZde
19.Fran's RootsZde
20.The Nanny and the Hunk ProducerZde
21.The Passed-Over StoryZde
22.No Muse is Good MuseZde
23.You Bette Your LifeZde
24.The Heather Biblow StoryZde
25.The Boca StoryZde
26.Fran's Gotta Have It (1)Zde

Season / Série 5

1.The Morning After (2)Zde
2.First DateZde
3.The Bobbie Fleckman StoryZde
5.The Ex-NilesZde
6.A Decent ProposalZde
7.Mommy and MaiZde
8.Fair Weather FranZde
9.Educating FranZde
10.From Flushing with LoveZde
11.Rash to JudgmentZde
12.One False Mole and You're DeadZde
13.Call Me FranZde
14.Not Without My NannyZde
15.The EngagementZde
16.The Dinner PartyZde
18.The Reunion ShowZde
19.Immaculate ConcepcionZde
20.The Pre-nupZde
21.The Best ManZde
22.The Wedding (1)Zde
23.The Wedding (2)Zde

Season / Série 6

1.The Honeymoon's Overboard (3)Zde
2.Fran Gets ShushedZde
3.Once a Secretary, Always a SecretaryZde
4.Sara's ParentsZde
5.Maggie's BoyfriendZde
6.I'm Pregnant (1)Zde
7.Mom's the Word (2)Zde
8.Making Whoopi (3)Zde
9.Oh, Say, Can You Ski?Zde
10.The Hanukkah StoryZde
11.The In-Law Who Came ForeverZde
12.The Fran in the MirrorZde
13.The Yummy MummyZde
14.California Here We Come (1)Zde
15.Ma'ternal Affairs (2)Zde
16.The Producers (1)Zde
17.The Dummy Twins (2)Zde
18.Yetta's Letters (3)Zde
19.Maggie's WeddingZde
20.The Baby ShowerZde
21.The Finale (1)Zde
22.The Finale (2)Zde