Dark Matter stažení


Season / Série 1

1.Episode One/Zde
2.Episode Two/Zde
3.Episode Three/Zde
4.Episode FourZde
5.Episode FiveZde
6.Episode SixZde
7.Episode SevenZde
8.Episode EightZde
9.Episode NineZde
10.Episode TenZde
11.Episode ElevenZde
12.Episode TwelveZde
13.Episode ThirteenZde

Season / Série 2

1.Welcome to Your New HomeZde
2.Kill Them AllZde
3.I've Seen The Other Side Of YouZde
4.We Were FamilyZde
5.We Voted Not To Space YouZde
6.We Should Have Seen This ComingZde
7.She's One Of Them NowZde
8.Stuff To Steal; People To KillZde
9.Going Out FightingZde
10.Take the ShotZde
11.Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the ChanceZde
12.Sometimes In Life You Don't Get to ChooseZde
13.But First, We Save the GalaxyZde

Season / Série 3

1.Being Better Is So Much HarderZde
2.It Doesn't Have to Be Like ThisZde
3.Welcome to the RevolutionZde
4.All the Time in the WorldZde
5.Give It Up, PrincessZde
6.One Last Card to PlayZde
7.Wish I Could Believe YouZde
8.Hot ChocolateZde
9.Isn't That a Paradox?Zde
10.Built, Not BornZde
11.The Dwarf Star ConspiracyZde
12.My Final Gift to YouZde
13.Nowhere to GoZde