Dennis, postrach okolí / Dennis the Menace stažení


Season / Série 1

1.Dennis Goes to the MoviesZde
2.Dennis and the SignpostZde
3.The Fishing TripZde
4.Grandpa and Miss CathcartZde
5.Innocents in SpaceZde
6.Dennis' GardenZde
7.The New NeighborsZde
8.Tenting TonightZde
9.Dennis Sells BottlesZde
10.Mr. Wilson's AwardZde
11.The Christmas StoryZde
12.Dennis and the CowboyZde
13.Dennis Haunts a HouseZde
14.Dennis' Tree HouseZde
15.Dennis and the Rare CoinZde
16.Dennis and the BikeZde
17.Dennis and the Open HouseZde
18.Dennis and the DuckZde
19.Dennis and the SwingZde
20.Dennis and the DogZde
21.Mr. Wilson's SisterZde
22.Dennis and the TV SetZde
23.Dennis Creates a HeroZde
24.Dennis' Paper DriveZde
25.Dennis and the BeesZde
26.Alice's BirthdayZde
27.Dennis Becomes a Baby SitterZde
28.Dennis and the StarlingsZde
29.The Party LineZde
30.Dennis by ProxyZde
31.Dennis Runs AwayZde
32.Miss Cathcart's SunsuitZde

Season / Série 2

1.Out of RetirementZde
2.Dennis and the WeddingZde
3.Dennis and the Radio SetZde
4.Dennis and the Ham-pherZde
5.The Stock CertificateZde
6.Man of the HouseZde
7.The Rock CollectionZde
8.Henry and TogethernessZde
9.Paint-Up, Clean-Up WeekZde
10.Dennis Learns to WhistleZde
11.The Raffle TicketZde
12.The Christmas HorseZde
13.Dennis' AllowanceZde
14.Dennis' Penny CollectionZde
15.Dennis, the Campaign ManagerZde
16.Miss Cathcart's FriendZde
17.Pythias Was a PikerZde
18.Dennis and the SaxophoneZde
19.Wilson Sleeps OverZde
20.Dennis' BirthdayZde
21.Dennis Goes to CampZde
22.Dennis' Tool ChestZde
23.The Going Away GiftZde
24.Dennis and the Fishing RodZde
25.Dennis and the Good ExampleZde
26.Dennis' ObligationZde
27.The Dog TrainerZde
28.Woodman, Spare That TreeZde
29.The Boy WonderZde
30.The Soapbox DerbyZde
31.Dennis and the CameraZde
32.Dennis and the Miracle Plant FoodZde
33.Dennis' NewspaperZde
34.Mr. Wilson's ParadiseZde
35.The Fortune CookieZde
36.The PioneersZde
37.Father's Day for Mr. WilsonZde
38.Dennis and the PicnicZde

Season / Série 3

1.Trouble from MarsZde
2.Best NeighborZde
3.Keep off the GrassZde
4.Mr. Wilson's SafeZde
5.Haunted HouseZde
6.The School PlayZde
7.The Fifty-Thousandth CustomerZde
8.Dennis and the Pee Wee LeagueZde
9.Mr. Wilson's InheritanceZde
10.Dennis Is a GeniusZde
11.The Lucky PieceZde
12.The Fifteen Foot Christmas TreeZde
13.Dennis' Bank AccountZde
14.Through Thick and ThinZde
15.Calling All Bird LoversZde
16.Silence Is GoldenZde
17.Dennis Has a FlingZde
18.Frog Jumping ContestZde
19.Where There's a WillZde
20.Mr. Wilson's UncleZde
21.A Quiet EveningZde
22.The Private EyeZde
23.Mr. Wilson's HousekeeperZde
24.A Dog's LifeZde
25.Dennis' Documentary FilmZde
26.Horseless CarriageZde
27.Junior Pathfinders Ride AgainZde
28.The Treasure ChestZde
29.Wilson Goes to the DentistZde
30.The Man Next DoorZde
31.Dennis and the DodgerZde
32.Dennis' Lovesick FriendZde
33.John Wilson's CushionZde
34.John Wilson Wins a ChickenZde
35.The BullyZde
36.The Club InitiationZde
37.Community PicnicZde
38.Dennis and the Witch DoctorZde

Season / Série 4

1.The Chinese GirlZde
2.You Go Your WayZde
3.Dennis and the Circular CircumstancesZde
4.The Little JudgeZde
5.Poor Mr. WilsonZde
6.Dennis in GypsylandZde
7.The New PrincipalZde
8.San Diego SafariZde
9.Dennis at Boot CampZde
10.Henry's New JobZde
11.Wilson's Second ChildhoodZde
12.Jane Butterfield SaysZde
13.Dennis and the HermitZde
14.My Uncle NedZde
15.Junior AstronautZde
16.Wilson's Little White LieZde
17.Dennis the RainmakerZde
18.The Creature with Big FeetZde
19.Dennis, the Confused CupidZde
20.Dennis Goes to WashingtonZde
21.The Big Basketball GameZde
22.Wilson's AllergyZde
23.Baby BootiesZde
24.My Four BoysZde
25.Dennis and the Homing PigeonsZde
26.A Tax on CatsZde
27.The Uninvited GuestZde
28.Dennis Plays Robin HoodZde
29.29 The Three F'sZde
30.Never Say DyeZde
31.The Lost DogZde
32.Tuxedo TroubleZde
33.Hawaiian Love SongZde
34.The Lucky Rabbit's FootZde
35.Listen to the MockingbirdZde
36.First EditionsZde
37.A Man Among MenZde
38.Aunt Emma Visits the WilsonsZde