Dinosaurové / Dinosaurs stažení


Season / Série 1

1.The Mighty MegalosaurusZde
2.The Mating DanceZde
3.Hurling DayZde
4.High NoonZde
5.The HowlingZde

Season / Série 2

1.The Golden ChildZde
2.Family ChallengeZde
3.I Never Ate for My FatherZde
4.Charlene's TaleZde
5.Endangered SpeciesZde
6.Employee of the MonthZde
7.When Food Goes BadZde
8.Career OpportunitiesZde
9.Unmarried... With ChildrenZde
10.How to Pick Up GirlsZde
11.Switched at BirthZde
12.Refrigerator DayZde
13.What 'Sexual' Harris MeantZde
14.Fran LiveZde
15.Power EruptsZde
16.The Clip ShowZde
17.A New LeafZde
18.The Last Temptation of EthylZde
19.Nuts to War (1)Zde
20.Nuts to War (2)Zde
21.And the Winner Is...Zde
22.Slave to FashionZde
23.Leader of the PackZde
24.Wesayso Knows BestZde

Season / Série 3

1.Nature CallsZde
2.Baby TalkZde
3.Network GeniusZde
4.The DiscoveryZde
5.Little Boy BooZde
6.Germ WarfareZde
7.Hungry for LoveZde
8.License to ParentZde
9.Charlene's Flat WorldZde
10.Wilderness WeekendZde
11.The Son Also RisesZde
12.Getting to Know YouZde
13.Green CardZde
14.Out of the Frying PanZde
15.Steroids to HeavenZde
16.Honey, I Miss the KidsZde
17.Swamp MusicZde
18.Dirty Dancin'Zde
19.If You Were a TreeZde
20.We Are Not AloneZde
21.Charlene and Her Amazing HumansZde
22.The Clip Show IIZde

Season / Série 4

1.Monster Under the BedZde
2.Earl, Don't Be a HeroZde
3.The Greatest Story Ever SoldZde
4.Driving Miss EthylZde
5.Earl's Big JackpotZde
6.Terrible TwosZde
7.Changing NatureZde
8.Scent of a ReptileZde
9.Earl and PearlZde
10.Life in the Faust LaneZde
11.Variations on a Theme ParkZde
12.Working GirlZde
13.Into the WoodsZde
14.Georgie Must DieZde