Empire stažení


Season / Série 6

1.What is LoveZde
2.Got on My Knees to PrayZde
3.You Broke LoveZde
4.Tell the TruthZde
5.Stronger Than My RivalZde
6.Heart of StoneZde
7.Good EnoughZde
8.Do You Remember MeZde
9.Remember the MusicZde
10.Cold Cold ManZde
11.Can't Truss 'emZde
12.Talk LessZde
13.Come UndoneZde
14.I Am Who I AmZde
15.Love Me StillZde
16.We Got UsZde
17.Over EverythingZde
18.Home Is on the WayZde

Season / Série 5

1.Steal From the ThiefZde
2.Pay For Their PresumptionsZde
4.Love All, Trust a FewZde
5.The Depth of GriefZde
6.What Is DoneZde
7.Treasons, Stratagems, and SpoilsZde
8.Master of What is Mine OwnZde
9.Had It From My FatherZde
10.My Fault Is PastZde
11.Loving VirtueZde
12.Shift and Save YourselfZde
13.Hot Blood, Hot Thoughts, Hot DeedsZde
14.Without All RemedyZde
15.A Wise Father That Knows His Own ChildZde
16.Never Doubt I LoveZde
17.My Fate Cries OutZde
18.The Roughest DayZde

Season / Série 4

1.Noble Memory /Zde
2.Full Circle /Zde
3.Evil Manners /Zde
4.Bleeding War /Zde
5.The Fool /Zde
6.Fortune Be Not Crost /Zde
7.The Lady Doth Protest /Zde
8.Cupid Painted Blind /Zde
9.Slave to Memory /Zde
10.Birds in the Cage /Zde
11.Without Apology /Zde
12.Sweet Sorrow /Zde
13.Of Hardiness is Mother /Zde
14.False Face /Zde
15.A Lean and Hungry LookZde
16.Fair TermsZde
17.Bloody Noses and Crack'd CrownsZde
18.The Empire Unpossess'dZde