Král džungle / George of the Jungle stažení


Season / Série 1

1.Beetle Invasion, The Naked Ape ManZde
2.Aromageddon, Found Temple of GoldZde
3.Cone Head, Cousin Larry of the JungleZde
4.License to Swing, My Own Private HeroZde
5.Lucky Pants, Ape RuthZde
6.Don't Thank Me, For the Love of SlothZde
7.Bathroom of the ApesZde
8.Star Power, L'il Orphan AnteaterZde
9.The Vegemaster, Eagle TickZde
10.The Snoring, George's Day OffZde
11.Frankengeorge, Afraid of NothingZde
12.Brother George, Ape MitzvahZde
13.George Skips Breakfast, Muscle ManiaZde
14.Rebel without a Claw, Stripy PonyZde
15.Rainy Season, Love Is in the AirZde
16.Selfish Shellfish, Volcano PageantZde
17.George Lays an Egg, Ape Goes ApeZde
18.Mantler the Man with Antlers, Mount GeorgemoreZde
19.George's Birthday Present, Witching StickZde
20.Trouble with Bananaquats, Spoiled KingZde
21.Extreme Lamebrains, Still Got ItZde
22.A Boy and His Elephant, George's Security StoneZde
23.Jungle Bells, The Goat of Christmas PresentsZde
24.Second Banana, One With NatureZde
25.Escape From Madmun Island Pt 1 + Pt 2Zde
26.Escape from Madmun Island Pt 3 + Pt 4Zde

Season / Série 2

1.Bringing Silverback, Of Botflies and MenZde
2.The Insider, Clockwork GeorgeZde
3.True Bromance, George x4Zde
4.Strong as He Can Tree, George's SongZde
5.Queen of the Desert, Kings and Little OnesZde
6.Renaissance Ape, My Georging JacketZde
7.Bananium Deficiency, I Gotta Beave MeZde
8.Nature's Call, Much Ado About StuffingZde
9.Steve of the Jungle, Guess What's Coming to DinnerZde
10.Meet Meat, Body PoliticsZde
11.Sour Milk, Valley of the MagnoliasZde
12.For Science, Cute Is as Cute DoesZde
13.Shadow of a Dolt, LovecanoZde
14.Strange Days, Lying ClothZde
15.Mess of Kings, Rip van GeorgeZde
16.Mama ChicagoZde
17.Swirl, Junior Jungle AchieversZde
18.Wet Behind the EarsZde
19.Breaking Ape, Sidekick ChicagoZde
20.The Ursula SolutionZde
21.Excalibanana, The Flavor of ScienceZde
22.The George Who Would Be King, The Peel of FateZde
23.Were-George, Master of MachoZde
24.Trial by Jungle, SlothpocalyptoZde
25.Beave Us Alone, Original Jungle KingsZde
26.The Last Treehugger, Heart of GoldZde