Magnum P.I. stažení


Season / Série 4

1.Island VibesZde
2.The Harder They FallZde
3.Texas WedgeZde
4.Those We Leave BehindZde
5.Til DeathZde
6.Devil on the DoorstepZde
7.A New Lease On DeathZde
8.A Fire in the AshesZde
9.Better Watch OutZde
10.Dream LoverZde
11.If I Should Die Before I WakeZde
12.Angels Sometimes KillZde
13.Judge Me NotZde
14.Run, Baby, RunZde
15.Dead Man WalkingZde
16.Evil Walks SoftlyZde
17.Remember Me TomorrowZde
18.Shallow Grave, Deep WaterZde
19.The Long SleepZde
20.Close to HomeZde

Season / Série 1

1.I Saw the Sun RiseZde
2.From the Head DownZde
3.The Woman Who Never DiedZde
4.Six Paintings, One FrameZde
5.Sudden DeathZde
6.Death Is Only TemporaryZde
7.The Cat Who Cried WolfZde
8.Die He SaidZde
9.The Ties That BindZde
10.Bad Day to be a HeroZde
11.Nowhere to HideZde
12.Winner Takes AllZde
13.Day of the ViperZde
14.I, The DeceasedZde
15.Day the Past Came BackZde
16.Murder Is Never QuietZde
17.Black Is The WidowZde
18.A Kiss Before DyingZde
19.Blood in the WaterZde
20.The Day It All Came TogetherZde

Season / Série 2

1.Payback is for BeginnersZde
2.Honor Among ThievesZde
3.Knight Lasts ForeverZde
4.Dead InsideZde
5.Make It 'Til DawnZde
6.Lie, Cheat, Steal, KillZde
7.The Man in the Secret RoomZde
8.He Came by NightZde
9.A Bullet Named FateZde
10.Blood BrothersZde
11.Day I Met the DevilZde
12.Desperate MeasuresZde
13.Mondays are for MurderZde
14.A Game of Cat and MouseZde
15.Say Hello to Your PastZde
16.Farewell to LoveZde
17.The Night Has EyesZde
18.A World of TroubleZde
19.May the Best One WinZde
20.A Leopard on the ProwlZde

Season / Série 3

1.Double JeopardyZde
2.Easy MoneyZde
3.No Way OutZde
4.First the Beatdown, Then the BlowbackZde
5.The Day Danger Walked InZde
6.Tell No OneZde
7.Killer on the Midnight WatchZde
8.Someone to Watch Over MeZde
9.The Big PaybackZde
10.The Long Way HomeZde
11.The Lies We TellZde
12.Dark HarvestZde
13.Cry MurderZde
14.Whispers of DeathZde
15.Before The FallZde