Man with a Plan stažení


Season / Série 4

1.The V-WordZde
2.Adam's Big Little LieZde
3.The Ex FilesZde
4.Going All the WayZde
5.Winner Winner Chicken SaladZde
6.Couples TherapyZde
7.Dude, Where's My Boat?Zde
8.Adam's Not SorryZde
9.Stuck in the Middle with YouZde
10.Full Metal TeddyZde
11.Adam and Andi See Other PeopleZde
12.Driving Miss KatieZde
13.Happy Ann-RV-saryZde

Season / Série 1

2.Two Tickets to ParadiseZde
3.The Puppet TheaterZde
6.Holey WarZde
7.Winter Has ComeZde
8.Adam Steps UpZde
9.What About Bob?Zde
10.A Dinner Gone WrongZde
11.The TalkZde
12.The Three AmigosZde
13.Valentine's DayZde
14.Kate's First DateZde
15.Assisted LivingZde
16.The A TeamZde
17.Doctor NoZde
18.The Blame GameZde
19.Spring FlingZde
20.Dirty MoneyZde
21.Operation False FreedomZde
22.Buzzer BeaterZde

Season / Série 2

1.The Silver FoxZde
2.Andi's BoyfriendZde
3.The Parents Strike BackZde
4.Into The WeedsZde
5.Battle of the SexistsZde
6.Adam Gets NeighborlyZde
7.We Can Be HeroesZde
8.Lice Lice BabyZde
9.The GunfightZde
10.Adam's Turtle-y Awesome Valentine's DayZde
11.Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerZde
12.Everybody's A WinnerZde
13.The Party PlannerZde
14.March MadnessZde
15.Out with the In-lawsZde
16.April FoolsZde
17.King for a DayZde
18.The Burns SystemZde
19.We Hate MoneyZde
20.We Got a GirlZde
21.Family BusinessZde

Season / Série 3

2.Yeah, MaybeZde
3.Put Him on the GroundZde
4.Adam's Wall Hole BowlZde
5.The New Old SchoolZde
6.Semi-Indecent ProposalZde
7.Hotel Hanky PankyZde
8.Adam's RibsZde
9.Adam Acts His AgeZde
10.We Don't Need Another HeroZde
11.Cabin FeverZde
12.Clean Country LivingZde
13.The Intervention(s)Zde