Mistři zastavárny / Pawn Stars stažení


Season / Série 18

1.Close Encounters of the Pawn KindZde
2.Rick's Gone With the WindZde
3.Decoding a DealZde
4.The Spy Who Pawned MeZde
5.Mo' Monet, Mo' ProblemsZde
6.Raiders of the Lost PawnZde
7.Dueling and DealingZde
8.The Need For SpeedZde
9.Gotsta Get PawnedZde
10.Knock Your Sox OffZde
11.Holiday PawnZde
12.The Need For SpeedZde

Season / Série 1

1.Boom or BustZde
2.Confederate ConundrumZde
3.Sink or SellZde
4.Knights in Fake Armor?Zde
5.Gangsters and GuitarsZde
6.Damn YankeesZde
7.Brothels and BussesZde
8.Time MachinesZde
9.Rope a DopeZde
10.Rick's Big BetZde
11.John Hancock's HancockZde
12.Plane CrazyZde
13.Peaches and PinupsZde
14.Old Man's GambleZde

Season / Série 2

1.Fired UpZde
2.Sharks and CobrasZde
3.Old Man's BootyZde
4.A Shot and a ShaveZde
5.Hot Air BuffoonZde
6.Steaks at StakeZde
7.A Christmas SpecialZde
8.Secret SantaZde
9.Pawn Shop PinotZde
10.Bikes and BladesZde
11.Rick's Bad DayZde
12.Chumlee Goes AWOLZde
14.Shocking ChumZde
15.Pezzed OffZde
16.Tattoos and TantrumsZde
17.Guns and RangersZde
18.Pinball WizardsZde
19.Chopper GambleZde
20.Spooning Paul RevereZde
21.Off the WagonZde
22.Fortune in FlamesZde
23.Backroom BrawlZde
24.Big GunsZde
25.Flight of the ChumZde
26.Bumpy RideZde
27.Helmet HeadZde
28.Bow LeggedZde
29.Hell WeekZde
31.The British Are ComingZde
32.License to PawnZde

Season / Série 3

1.Trail BreakerZde
2.Top SecretZde
3.Gold DiggersZde
4.Whale of a TimeZde
5.Deals from HellZde
6.Aw Shucks!Zde
7.Chumlee's DummiesZde
8.Strike, Spare, BoomZde
9.Rough RidersZde
10.Message in a BottleZde
11.Moon WalkingZde
12.The Eagle Has LandedZde
13.Peeping PawnZde
14.Ace in the HoleZde
15.Double TroubleZde
16.Getting a HeadZde
17.Cornering the ColonelZde
18.Ready, Set PawnZde
19.The Eagle Has LandedZde
20.Like a Rolling ChumZde
21.Hello NurseZde
22.Chumdog MillionaireZde
23.Bare BonesZde
24.Gone with SchwinnZde
25.Never SurrenderZde
26.Honest AbeZde

Season / Série 4

1.Luck of the DrawZde
2.Houdini's HandcuffsZde
3.Pedal to the MedalZde
4.Case ClosedZde
5.Darth PawnZde
6.Put Up Your DukesZde
7.Pawn IllustratedZde
8.Striking a ChordZde
9.Harrison for PresidentZde
10.Wise GuysZde
11.Honor Thy FatherZde
12.Ah, Shoot!Zde
13.Going PostalZde
15.Evel GeniusZde
16.Pablo PawncassoZde
17.Sub for SaleZde
18.Missile AttackZde
19.Not on My WatchZde
20.Take a SeatZde
21.Pom Pom PawnZde
22.Patton PendingZde
23.Spidey CentsZde
24.Necessary RoughnessZde
26.The Great EscapeZde
27.Broadsiding LincolnZde
28.Sharpe ShootersZde
29.Late Night ChumZde
30.Buy the BookZde
31.Over the TopZde
32.Honor Thy FatherZde
33.The Pick, the Pawn & the PolishZde
34.Making CentsZde
35.Kings and McQueensZde
36.Face the MusicZde
37.Off the WallZde
38.Buffalo BullZde
39.Cannons and KlingonsZde
40.Silent and DeadlyZde
41.Weird ScienceZde
42.The Wright StuffZde
43.Out of GasZde
44.The King's BlingZde
45.Pipe DreamsZde
46.High StakesZde
47.Pirate's BootyZde
48.Teacher's PetZde
49.Bugs MoneyZde
50.Poker NightZde
51.Rick or TreatZde

Season / Série 5

1.Mile High ClubZde
2.Patriot GamesZde
3.Blaze of GloryZde
4.Looney DunesZde
5.Buyer BewareZde
6.Silence of the LamboZde
8.Pony UpZde
9.High TopsZde
10.Apocalypse WowZde
11.Corey's Big PlayZde
12.Help WantedZde
13.Learning the RopesZde
14.Smells Like Pawn SpiritZde
15.Crosby, Stills and CashZde
16.Cash Cash Bang BangZde
17.Over the MoonZde
18.Les Is MoreZde
19.Hole in OneZde
20.Yankee PankyZde
21.Air MailZde
22.Cash is KingZde
23.Bear-ly ThereZde
24.Huddle UpZde
26.Guns BlazingZde
27.James Gang Rides AgainZde
28.Ring Around a RockneZde
29.Pawn with the WindZde
31.Guilty as ChargedZde
32.Corey's Big BurnZde
33.Wild ThingZde
34.To the MoonZde
35.Chum-p ChangeZde
36.Trigger HappyZde
37.Bossy PantsZde
38.What the TruckZde
39.Three Hour TourZde
40.Family FeudZde
41.Silver LiningsZde
42.Like a RockZde
43.Dirty SoxZde
44.That Sinking FeelingZde
45.Pin It to Win ItZde
46.Love Me SpenderZde
47.Stalled DealsZde
48.Hot and ColtZde
49.Stuff ItZde
50.Jet SettersZde
51.Kick the CanZde
52.Bullitt ProofZde
53.Cool as IkeZde
54.Free WillieZde
55.Some Like It NotZde
56.Say It Ain't SoZde
57.Fork It OverZde
58.Thirty SomethingZde

Season / Série 6

1.What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?Zde
2.Sturgis and AcquisitionsZde
3.Three Pawn NightZde
4.Stick to Your GunsZde
5.Lord of the RingZde
6.Man. Make. Fire.Zde
7.On GuardZde
8.The Last SamuraiZde
9.Sweet Pawn of MineZde
10.The OfferZde
11.Putt, Putt, PawnZde
12.Wouldn't It Be IceZde
13.Silent But ChumleeZde
14.Take the Money and RunZde
15.It's a Wonderful PawnZde
16.Santa ChumZde
17.Little Pawn Shop of HorrorsZde
18.Herd ThatZde
19.Funny MoneyZde
20.Spare the RodmanZde
21.Million Dali BabyZde
22.Hair Force OneZde
23.Comic ConZde
24.Off the HookZde
25.Room and HoardZde
26.Just Shoe ItZde
27.Lunch LarcenyZde
28.Grand Theft CoreyZde
29.Beam Me UpZde
30.Shekel and HydeZde
31.Book 'Em RickZde
32.Corey, I Am Your FatherZde

Season / Série 7

1.Rick 'n' RollZde
2.Grumpy Old ManZde
4.Ready to RumbleZde
5.Dog Day AfternoonZde
6.King of PainZde
7.Free AgentZde
8.Sticks and StonesZde
9.The Pawntridge FamilyZde
10.Fool's GoldZde
11.World Series of PawnZde
12.Rage Against That MachineZde
13.Colt to the TouchZde
15.The Chum-SakeZde
16.Corey's Big SplurgeZde
17.Secret Agent ManZde
18.London PawningZde
19.On a Mission to PawnZde
20.Goldfish and SilverZde
21.What Happens in VegasZde
22.You're OutZde

Season / Série 8

1.Everyday I'm Shufflin'Zde
2.The Bald and the BeautifulZde
3.Say It, Don't Spray ItZde
4.The EnigmaZde
5.No Shoes, No Shirt, No ServiceZde
6.Comfortably ChumZde
7.Brush with GreatnessZde
8.250th Episode: Chum of All FearsZde
9.Winchester, Lose or DrawZde
10.The Merchant of VegasZde
11.The BachelorZde
12.Cold Hard CashZde
13.Rebel, RebelZde
14.Open and Shut CaseZde
15.Bad To The BoneZde
16.Gnarly HarleyZde
17.Woah PilgrimZde
18.The Amazing ChumleeZde
19.A Very Vegas ChristmasZde
20.Another Christmas StoryZde
21.Lost in SpacelanderZde
22.Put Your Hands UpZde

Season / Série 9

1.Finding FonzieZde
2.You Say You Wanna RevolutionZde
3.Truly TrivialZde
5.I'll Be DoggoneZde
6.Can't Buy Me LoveZde
7.Anytime, Any MaceZde
8.Silent Stars and Rebel CarsZde
9.Smurf and TurfZde
10.Sunday FundayZde
11.Rescue 9-1-ChumZde
12.Extreme PawnoverZde
13.Rough and TumbleZde
14.The Great PawnbinoZde
15.Sunday FundayZde
16.Rock BottomZde
17.Chords, Swords and RewardsZde
18.Magic BusZde
19.Purple HazeZde
20.Field TripZde
21.Bang BangZde
22.You Snooze, You LoseZde
23.McKinley Family JewelsZde
25.Head GamesZde
26.Choo Choo ChumZde
27.Brew MasterZde
28.April FooledZde
29.Tee'd OffZde
30.Chum's RevengeZde
31.Traffic JammedZde
32.Sleeping GiantZde
33.Saddle UpZde
34.Road TestZde
35.Ponies and PhoniesZde
36.Tag TeamZde
37.Fiesta LocoZde
38.Spruce GooseZde
39.All InZde
40.Tickets To RideZde
41.New Old ManZde
42.Everybody Do The DinosaurZde
43.Breaking the BankZde
44.Reeling and DealingZde
45.Pawn UZde
46.Daddy's GirlZde
47.Dam Good TimeZde
48.Who's Your DaliZde
49.Chumlee's Last LaughZde
50.Spacing OutZde
51.In the DoghouseZde
52.Get in the RingZde
53.Rick, Rock and RollZde

Season / Série 10

1.Press One for ChumZde
2.Fireworks and FreedomZde
4.Put Up Your NukesZde
5.Pawn ApocalypseZde
6.Colts and VikingsZde
7.Mr. CoolZde
8.Playboys and PlayerZde
9.Go for ChumZde
10.Shufflin' and HustlinZde
11.Bo KnowsZde
12.Break Room BattleZde
13.Break on ThroughZde
14.Tricky RickyZde
15.Pinball PunchZde
16.Dodging DillingerZde
17.Rock Stars and Race CarsZde
18.Pawn FictionZde
19.Birthday BluesZde
20.Tough CookieZde
21.Van Gogh a Go GoZde
22.The Book of RickZde
23.Smarty PantsZde
25.Secret AdmirerZde
26.Hidden TreasureZde
27.Rick's a RiotZde
28.Chum FeverZde
29.Biggest Buys & BustsZde
30.Wake Up CallZde
31.The Chum SystemZde
32.The Adventures of Corey & ChumZde
33.Captain RickZde
34.McQueen DreamsZde
35.Reach for RaphaelZde
36.Off to the RacesZde
37.Greatest HagglesZde
38.Game OverZde
39.Flying HighZde
40.Chum's Secret StashZde
41.Hiding HoudiniZde
42.United We StandZde
43.Mini RickZde
44.Clowning AroundZde
45.Oldest Trick in the BookZde
46.Generation GapZde
47.Motorcycle MayhemZde

Season / Série 11

1.Trading UpZde
2.Old Man CoreyZde
4.Wilde CardZde
5.Money BallZde
6.Presidential PawnZde
7.The Smoking GunZde
8.Rick Gets AxeZde
9.Rick the GiantZde
10.Underground PawnZde
11.Bucking BroncoZde
12.Rocky RoadZde
13.All Hail RickZde
14.Live Long and ProsperZde
15.2015-03-05 00:00:00Zde
16.One Man's JunkZde
17.Last Call PawnZde
18.Hot DamZde
19.Son of a GunZde
20.Crossing ChumZde
21.Mystery CallerZde
22.Hot Wheel of FortuneZde
23.Mail MayhemZde
24.Priciest PawnsZde
25.Monumental PawnZde
26.Avengers AssembleZde
27.Locked and LoadedZde
28.Rick's RouletteZde
29.Fake or FortuneZde
30.Pawn CreatureZde
31.Behind the WheelZde
32.Ticket to PawnZde
33.Dangerous DealsZde
34.Penny for your PawnZde
35.Expert ExaminationsZde
36.Pawn of the JediZde
37.Most MysteriousZde
38.Coolest CollectiblesZde
39.Greatest GamblesZde
40.Wheelin' and Dealin'Zde
41.Personal CollectionZde
42.On the RoadZde

Season / Série 12

1.Pawn of FireZde
2.Party on, PawnZde
3.Fender BenderZde
4.Godfather of PawnZde
5.Napoleon BonapawnZde
6.Eye Of The TigerZde
7.Promissory PawnZde
8.Riders On The PawnZde
9.60's PawnZde
10.Prohibition PawnZde
11.Money MakersZde
12.70's PawnZde
13.80's PawnZde
14.Pawn In The UsaZde
15.90's PawnZde
16.The Star Wars VaultZde
17.Capture the PawnZde
18.The Pawn Before ChristmasZde
19.Wicked WeaponsZde
20.The Pawn AwakensZde
21.Titanic PawnZde
22.Racing RevolutionZde
23.Pawn BrothersZde
24.Longshot PawnZde
25.Legends Of RockZde
26.Lock, Stock and PawnZde
27.No Pawn for YouZde
28.First Lady of PawnZde
29.Blockbuster BoysZde
30.Deals On WheelsZde
31.One in a MillionZde
32.Every Rose Has Its PawnZde
33.Rick the EmperorZde