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Season / Série 1

0.Tangled Before Ever AfterZde
1.What the Hair?!Zde
2.Rapunzel's EnemyZde
3.Fitzherbert P.I.Zde
4.Challenge of the BraveZde
5.Cassandra v. EugeneZde
6.The Return of StrongbowZde
7.In Like FlynnZde
8.Great ExpotationsZde
9.Under RapsZde
10.One Angry PrincessZde
11.Pascal's StoryZde
12.Big Brothers of CoronaZde
13.The Wrath Of Ruthless RuthZde
14.Max's EnemyZde
15.The Way of the WillowZde
16.Queen for a DayZde
17.Painter's BlockZde
18.Not in the MoodZde
19.The Quest for VarianZde
20.The Alchemist ReturnsZde
21.The Secret of the Sun DropZde
22.Rapunzel and the Fate of CoronaZde

Season / Série 2

1.Beyond the Corona WallsZde
2.The Return of QuaidZde
3.Goodbye and GoodwillZde
4.Forest of No ReturnZde
6.Vigor the VisionaryZde
7.Keeper of the SpireZde
8.King PascalZde
9.There's Something About Hook FootZde
10.Happiness Is...Zde
11.Max and Eugene in Peril on the High SeasZde
13.The Eye of PincostaZde
14.Rapunzel and the Great TreeZde
15.The Brothers HookZde
16.Rapunzel: Day OneZde
17.Mirror, MirrorZde
18.You're Kidding MeZde
20.Lost and FoundZde
21.Destinies CollideZde

Season / Série 3

1.Rapunzel's ReturnZde
2.Return of the KingZde
3.Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?Zde
4.The Lost Treasure of Herz Der SonneZde
5.No Time Like the PastZde
7.The King and Queen of HeartsZde
8.Day of the AnimalsZde
9.Be Very AfraidZde
10.Pascal's DragonZde
11.Islands ApartZde
12.Cassandra's RevengeZde
13.Race to the SpireZde
14.A Tale of Two SistersZde
16.Once a Handmaiden...Zde
17.Plus Est En VousZde