Najdi si mě v Paříži / Find me in Paris stažení


Season / Série 3

1.This Is 1983Zde
2.The Future of DanceZde
3.Pair upZde
4.Trouble in ParadiseZde
5.The New GirlZde
6.Trip Down Memory LaneZde
7.Slamming DoorsZde
8.Magic KissZde
9.Old FriendsZde
10.Down to the WireZde
11.Family ReunionZde
12.The NutcrackerZde
13.Four Heirs
14.The DealZde
15.You're All OutZde
16.Operation ArmandoZde
17.What If?Zde
18.Who's Got Talent?Zde
19.Only the BestZde
20.Rescue MissionZde
21.Video UndercoverZde
22.Time to TrainZde
23.No Dance TodayZde
24.This Is ItZde
25.The Chosen One
26.Make It or Break ItZde

Season / Série 1

1.The Portal of the OperaZde
2.Welcome to the BlokZde
3.Lena's SecretZde
4.An Explosive DuoZde
5.Rendez-vous in ParisZde
6.Little MothersZde
7.The Legend of La FéeZde
8.Arabesque and FlamencoZde
9.Friends or Enemies?Zde
10.An Overbearing MotherZde
11.In the Opera TunnelsZde
12.The Chill MethodZde
14.Time to Face the MusicZde
15.Between the BricksZde
16.High-Stakes Hip-HopZde
17.A Slippery PointeZde
18.Oh BrotherZde
19.Running in the FamilyZde
20.Secrets and PointesZde
22.They KnowZde
23.Spinning LiesZde
24.Dance 'till You DropZde
25.A Dangerous GameZde

Season / Série 2

1.Moments LaterZde
2.New Year, New RulesZde
3.Out of PlaceZde
4.Whatever It TakesZde
5.Game OnZde
6.Unexpected AlliesZde
7.Close CallZde
8.Break a LegZde
9.Guess Who's BackZde
10.New Kids On the BLOKZde
11.The TakeoverZde
12.Ballet OffZde
13.Can't Beat the EliteZde
14.On the RunZde
15.Like Father, Like SonZde
16.Spread the LoveZde
17.Who's the Boss?Zde
18.The Brainy BunchZde
19.Sabotage Zde
20.Mystery PrincessZde
21.Flash ForwardZde
22.Mutiny at the GarnierZde
23.Lost and FoundZde
24.One Last ChanceZde
25.He KnowsZde
26.Going HomeZde