Power stažení


Season / Série 6

2.Whose Side Are You OnZde
3.Forgot About DreZde
4.Why Is Tommy Still Alive?Zde
5.King's GambitZde
6.Inside ManZde
7.Like Father, Like SonZde
8.Deal with the DevilZde
9.Scorched EarthZde
10.No One Can Stop MeZde
11.Still DREZde
12.He Always WinsZde
13It's All Your FaultZde
14.Reversal of FortuneZde
15.Exactly How We PlannedZde

Season / Série 1

1.Not Exactly How We PlannedZde
2.Whoever He IsZde
3.This is RealZde
4.Who Are You?Zde
5.I Gotta GoZde
6.Who You With?Zde
8.Best Laid PlansZde

Season / Série 2

2.No Friends on the StreetZde
3.Like We're Any Other CoupleZde
4.You're the Only Person I Can TrustZde
5.Who You Are and Who You Want to BeZde
6.Why Her?Zde
7.You're Not the ManZde
8.Three Moves AheadZde
9.Time's UpZde
10.Ghost is DeadZde

Season / Série 3

1.Call Me JamesZde
2.It's Never OverZde
3.I Got This on LockZde
4.Don't Worry, BabyZde
5.Help MeZde
6.The Right DecisionZde
7.Don't GoZde
8.Trust MeZde
9.I Call the ShotsZde
10.In My Best InterestZde

Season / Série 4

1.When I Get OutZde
2.Things Are Going to Get WorseZde
3.The Kind of Man You AreZde
4.We're in This TogetherZde
5.Don't Thank MeZde
6.New ManZde
7.You Lied to My FaceZde
8.It's DoneZde
9.That Ain't MeZde
10.You Can't Fix ThisZde

Season / Série 5

1.Everyone Is ImplicatedZde
2.Damage ControlZde
3.Are We On the Same Team?Zde
4.Second ChancesZde
5.Happy BirthdayZde
6.A Changed Man?Zde
7.The Devil InsideZde
8.A Friend Of The FamilyZde
9.There's a Snitch Among UsZde
10.When This Is OverZde