Táta to zvládne / See Dad Run stažení


Season / Série 1

2.See Dad Lose JanieZde
3.See Dad Play CoachZde
4.See Dad Rise from the DeadZde
5.See Dad Get Wah-Wah'dZde
6.See Dad Meet Matthew PearsonZde
7.See Dad One Night OnlyZde
8.See Dad Catch a RatZde
9.See Dad Run Christmas Into the GroundZde
10.See Dad CampaignZde
11.See Dad Get SchooledZde
12.See Dad Assist KevinZde
13.See Dad Run, But He Can't HideZde
14.See Dad Get Married and MarriedZde
15.See Dad as the Great and Powerful HobbsZde
16.See Dad Play Hard to GetZde
17.See Dad Get Janie Into KindergartenZde
18.See Dad Host a Play GroupZde
19.See Dad Get Attacked by PromzillaZde
20.See Dad See Through GrandmaZde

Season / Série 2

1.See Dad SwoonZde
2.See Dad Get the Family to the AirportZde
3.See Dad Be Normal.ishZde
4.See Dad Throw a Birthday PartyZde
5.See Dad McLivin' with the McGinleysZde
6.See Dad Prove He Has ChemistryZde
7.See Dad Run a FeverZde
8.See Dad Send Emily FlowersZde
9.See Dad Run HalloweenZde
10.See Dad Dance Around the TruthZde
11.See Dad See Dad RunZde
12.See Dad Have a CareerZde
13.See Dad See Joe SleepwalkZde
14.See Dad Run Until He DropsZde
15.See Dad Roast the ToastZde

Season / Série 3

1.See Dad Nail Valentine's DayZde
2.See Dad DownsizeZde
3.See Dad Run Joe Into DetentionZde
4.See Dad Teach Emily to DriveZde
5.See Dad Run Into Marcus' NephewZde
6.See Dad Rough ItZde
7.See Dad Ruin Joe's TeacherZde
8.See Dad Lose the Forest for the TreehouseZde
9.See Dad Become Room MomZde
10.See Dad Live at FiveZde
11.See Dad Watch Janie Run AwayZde
12.See Dad Fire Original Katie AgainZde
13.See Dad Get in the RingZde
14.See Dad Rest His CaseZde
15.See Dad Runner UpZde