The Haves and the Have Nots stažení


Season / Série 8

1The Long GameZde
2Power Of The PurseZde
3The Long Drive HomeZde
4The AppointmentZde
5A Little BirdZde
6The Family's NameZde
7A Working GirlZde
8A ShowdownZde
9.A Game Of ChessZde
11.Blank PantherZde
12.Hidden BonesZde
13.Pink UnicornsZde
15.Trouble ManZde
16.Dark IntentionsZde
17.Final Cast Reunion Part 1Zde
18.Final Cast Reunion Part 2Zde

Season / Série 1

1The Big SurpriseZde
2Playing in the Deep EndZde
3Beautifully DysfunctionalZde
4Entering the RaceZde
5A Woman's PrideZde
6Angry SexZde
7A True FriendZde
8The CriminalZde
9The Set UpZde
10Number NineZde
11Not My DaughterZde
12In RecoveryZde
13What Are You Doing Here?Zde
14My Name is VeronicaZde
15The Truth Will Set You FreeZde
16No More HidingZde
17The Black SedanZde
18Wyatt's NightmareZde
19Family IssuesZde
20Unanswered CallsZde
21Why Didn't You Tell Me?Zde
22Protecting WyattZde
23Amanda's RevengeZde
24Maggie's PlanZde
25March for JusticeZde
26Starting the RaceZde
27You'll Be SorryZde
28The ConfessionZde
30The AwakeningZde
31The VulnerableZde
32The Sarandon HotelZde
33Again and AgainZde
34Something's Wrong with AmandaZde
35I'm Your SonZde

Season / Série 2

1The Power DanceZde
2The War RoomZde
3A Southern BrawlZde
4Amanda's RoomZde
5The Press ConferenceZde
6A Tragic DayZde
7April 7, 1979Zde
8In CrisisZde
9A Talk with JimZde
10Oscar Zde
12Enough is EnoughZde
13Two FuneralsZde
14In MemoriamZde
15Nine LivesZde
16The CougarZde
17Candace Young, Esq.Zde
18Benny Does BattleZde
19Quincy Jr.Zde
20A Home for QZde
21Candace's ClosingZde
22Dianna WhinchilZde
24Sheep's ClothingZde
25When the Chickens ComeZde

Season / Série 3

1The Waters Run DeepZde
2Paid in FullZde
3The Right MedicineZde
4An Evil SoulZde
6Making MillionsZde
7A Front Row SeatZde
8Unexpected VisitorsZde
9I Choose My SonZde
10Beg for What You NeedZde
1148 HoursZde
12My Friend MaggieZde
13Criminology 101Zde
14Giving Candy to a BabyZde
15The Apple TreeZde
16The Heart of a ManZde
17An AccidentZde
18A Tragic AssumptionZde
19I Am WolfZde
20Back in BusinessZde
21The FugitiveZde
22The Silk HandkerchiefZde
23Promises KeptZde

Season / Série 4

1A Cup of TeaZde
2Waiting for CandaceZde
3It's Ok to LoveZde
4A Mother's WisdomZde
5Brilliant Lawyers LurkingZde
6A Hurricane OffshoreZde
7Pieces of the PuzzleZde
8Praying for LightZde
9We All Need ForgivenessZde
10Forget the BubbleZde
11In Pursuit of PreyZde
12The Fallout from WarZde
13My Grandson's WarZde
14Mad DayZde
15A Woman Under the StairsZde
17Elevator SevenZde
18A Broken MirrorZde
19Haunted by the SurnameZde
20The Enemy Called TrustZde
22For the TeamZde
23The Veronica ShowZde

Season / Série 5

1Afraid of FlamesZde
2Searching for a Mother's LoveZde
3Undercover ViceZde
4The LionZde
5Errand BoyZde
6Hanna's TeaZde
7Every Six MonthsZde
9An Eye for an EyeZde
10A Lover's PassionsZde
11Veronica's HouseZde
12In His EyesZde
13The Right CocktailZde
14The Rabbit and the Water MoccasinZde
15The Third QuarterZde
16No Honor in This GameZde
17The Broken WasherZde
18Sugar MammaZde
19Team of RivalsZde
22Til Death Do Us PartZde
23The Road to HellZde
24The Black DressZde
25A Father's RegretZde
26The Damned DefibrillatorZde
27Laugh Not to CryZde
28Stronger TogetherZde
29The Black Man....Zde
30Three's a CrowdZde
31The ChosenZde
32The CommitteeZde
34Speak Through ItZde
35Battle for the PastZde
36A Good ManZde
37The SurgeonZde
38Power StruggleZde
39From the SeventiesZde
40Room ThreeZde
43Fifteen MinutesZde
44Out of TimeZde

Season / Série 6

1A Wicked WebZde
3Spanish Moss TrailZde
4Tomorrow's Not PromisedZde
5Second ChancesZde
6On the EdgeZde
7A New LeafZde
8She's Gonna Be Real MadZde
9Show Not TellZde

Season / Série 7

1Are You Happy?Zde
2Fleeting MomentsZde
3Pray To MeZde
4Evil OffspringZde
5Jimmy Crack CornZde
6Mister JimZde
7A Change Of HeartZde
8The Heavy LiftingZde
9.Boom Boom BangZde
10.Bananas FosterZde
11.Power Of AttorneyZde
12.One Way Or AnotherZde
13.Fine TogetherZde
14.Someone SpecialZde
15.The ExecutorZde
16.Counting the CostsZde
17.No More TimeZde
18.A Sixth SenseZde
19.Father's DayZde
20.The ReapingZde
21.The Long GameZde