The Originals stažení


Season / Série 5

1.Where You Left Your Heart Zde
2.One Wrong Turn On Bourbon Zde
3.Ne Me Quitte PasZde
4.Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Zde
5.Don't It Just Break Your HeartZde
6.What, Will, I, Have, LeftZde
7.God's Gonna Trouble the WaterZde
8.The Kindness of Strangers Zde
9.We Have Not Long To LiveZde
10.There in the Disappearing Light Zde
11.Til the Day I Die Zde
12.The Tale of Two Wolves Zde
13.When The Saints Go Marching In Zde

Season / Série 1

1.Always and Forever /Zde
2.House of the Rising Son /Zde
3.Tangled Up in Blue /Zde
4.Girl in New Orleans /Zde
5.Sinners and Saints /Zde
6.Fruit of the Poisoned Tree /Zde
7.Bloodletting /Zde
8.The River in Reverse /Zde
9.Reigning Pain in New Orleans /Zde
10.The Casket Girls /Zde
11.Après Moi, Le Déluge /Zde
12.Dance Back From the Grave /Zde
13.Crescent City /Zde
14.Long Way Back From Hell /Zde
15.Le Grand Guignol /Zde
16.Farewell to Storyville /Zde
17.Moon Over Bourbon Street /Zde
18.The Big Uneasy /Zde
19.An Unblinking Death /Zde
20.A Closer Walk with Thee /Zde
21.The Battle of New Orleans /Zde
22.From a Cradle to a Grave /Zde

Season / Série 2

1.Rebirth /Zde
2.Alive and Kicking /Zde
3.Every Mother's Son /Zde
4.Live and Let Die /Zde
5.Red Door /Zde
6.Wheel Inside the Wheel /Zde
7.Chasing The Devil's Tail /Zde
8.The Brothers That Care Forgot /Zde
9.The Map of Moments /Zde
10.Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire /Zde
11.Brotherhood of the Damned /Zde
12.Sanctuary /Zde
13.The Devil is Damned /Zde
14.I Love You, Goodbye /Zde
15.They All Asked For You /Zde
16.Save My Soul /Zde
17.Exquisite Corpse /Zde
18.Night Has a Thousand Eyes /Zde
19.When the Levee Breaks /Zde
20.City Beneath The Sea /Zde
21.Fire with Fire /Zde
22.Ashes to Ashes /Zde

Season / Série 3

1.For the Next MillenniumZde
2.You Hung the MoonZde
3.I'll See You in Hell or New OrleansZde
4.A Walk on the Wild SideZde
5.The Axeman's LetterZde
6.Beautiful MistakeZde
7.Out of the EasyZde
8.The Other Girl in New OrleansZde
10.A Ghost Along the MississippiZde
11.Wild at HeartZde
12.Dead AngelsZde
13.Heart-Shaped BoxZde
14.A Streetcar Named DesireZde
15.An Old Friend CallsZde
16.Alone with EverybodyZde
17.Behind the Black HorizonZde
18.The Devil Comes Here and SighsZde
19.No More HeartbreaksZde
20.Where Nothing Stays BuriedZde
21.Give 'em Hell KidZde
22.The Bloody CrownZde

Season / Série 4

1.Gather Up the KillersZde
2.No QuarterZde
3.Haunter of RuinsZde
4.Keepers of the HouseZde
5.I Hear You KnockingZde
6.Bag of CobrasZde
7.High Water and a Devil's DaughterZde
8.Voodoo in My BloodZde
9.Queen DeathZde
11.A Spirit Here That Won't Be BrokenZde
12.Voodoo ChildZde
13.The Feast of All SinnersZde