The Other Two stažení


Season / Série 2

1.Chase Goes to CollegeZde
2.Pat Connects with Her FansZde
3.Chase Guest-Edits VogueZde
4.Pat Hosts Just Another Regular ShowZde
5.Chase Gets BaptizedZde
6.Pat Becomes #1 In DaytimeZde
7.Chase Becomes Co-Owner of the NetsZde
8.Pat Gets an Offer to Host "Tic Tac Toe"Zde
9.Chase and Pat Are Killing ItZde
10.Brooke and Cary Go to a Fashion ShowZde

Season / Série 1

2.Chase Goes to a PremiereZde
3.Chase Gets a GirlfriendZde
4.Chase Gets the GaysZde
5.Chase Goes to a High School DanceZde
6.Chase Shoots a Music VideoZde
7.Chase Gets a NosebleedZde
8.Chase Turns FourteenZde
9.Chase Drops His First AlbumZde
10.Chase Performs at the VMAsZde