The Resident stažení


Season / Série 5

1.Da DaZde
2.No Good DeedZde
3.The Long And Winding RoadZde
4.Now What??Zde
5.The Thinnest VeilZde
6.Ask Your DoctorZde
7.Who Will You Be?Zde
8.Old Dogs, New TricksZde
9.He'd Really Like to Put in a Central LineZde
10.Unknown OriginZde
11.Her HeartZde
12.Now You See MeZde
14.Hell In A HandbasketZde
15.In For A PennyZde
16.Drilling For HappinessZde
17.The Space BetweenZde
18.Ride Or DieZde
19.All We Have Is NowZde
20.Fork in the RoadZde
22.The Proof Is In The PuddingZde

Season / Série 1

1.Pilot /Zde
2.Independence Day /Zde
3.Comrades in Arms /Zde
4.Identity Crisis /Zde
5.None The Wiser /Zde
6.No Matter The CostZde
7.The Elopement /Zde
8.Family AffairZde
9.Lost LoveZde
11.And the Nurses Get ScrewedZde
12.Rude Awakenings and the RaptorZde
13.Run, Doctor, RunZde
14.Total Eclipse of the HeartZde

Season / Série 2

2.Prince and the PauperZde
3.Three WordsZde
4.About TimeZde
5.The GermZde
7.Trial & ErrorZde
8.Heart in a BoxZde
9.The DanceZde
10.After the FallZde
11.Operator ErrorZde
12.Fear Finds A WayZde
13.Virtually ImpossibleZde
14.Stupid Things in the Name of SexZde
16.Adverse EventsZde
18.Emergency ContactZde
19.Snowed InZde
20.If Not Now, When?Zde
21.Stuck as ForetoldZde
22.Broker and BrokerZde
23.The UnbefriendedZde

Season / Série 3

1.From the AshesZde
2.Flesh of My FleshZde
3.Saints & SinnersZde
4.Belief SystemZde
5.Choice WordsZde
6.Nurses' DayZde
7. Woman DownZde
8.Peking Duck DayZde
9.Out for BloodZde
11.Free FallZde
12.Best Laid PlansZde
13.How Conrad Gets His Groove BackZde
14.The FleaZde
15.Last ShotZde
16.Reverse CinderellaZde
17.Doll E. WoodZde
18.So Long, Dawn LongZde
19.Support SystemZde
20.Burn It All DownZde

Season / Série 4

1.A Wedding, A FuneralZde
2.Mina’s Kangaroo CourtZde
3.The Accidental PatientZde
4.Moving On and Mother HensZde
5.Home Before DarkZde
6.Requiems & RevivalsZde
7.Hero MomentZde
8.First Days, Last DaysZde
9.Doors Opening, Doors ClosingZde
10.Into the UnknownZde
11.After the StormZde
12.Rattle the CageZde
13.Finding FamilyZde
14.Past, Present, FutureZde